SUPing with Sharks in Manhattan Beach

Local Paddlers Run into Leopard Sharks in the Water

There have been a lot of shark sightings of two Great White Sharks in Manhattan Beach at El Porto all summer long. I was out paddling to the buoy in August when I saw a fin. It did not look like a dolphin fin, but smaller, sharper and more square. Another stand up paddler was near me and said it was most definitely not a dolphin. Creepy. About 20 minutes later on my water back from the buoy I looked down and saw a grey / brown mass about 7 ft long. It scared the crap out of me. I tried to be calm but it’s hard when you see something like that. Fairly certain it was the great white shark everyone keeps talking about. But enough about that, let’s talk about leopard sharks.

Leopard sharks hang out towards the bottom sand in beach breaks and eat fish. They can range in size from little to small and they don’t want to gnaw on humans or bite your legs off. While this is comforting, it still feels eery to be swimming and surfing next to them. Sometimes while surfing your legs might dangle in the water and brush up alongside one of these suckers. Spooky for sure.

Yesterday while SUPing in Manhattan Beach we came across dozens of leopard sharks. I mean, dozens. Sharks in Manhattan Beach? That has been the headline all summer long. And they are all swimming around the bottom of the beach break really close to shore. I’ve never seen anything like that before. What’s bringing them in so close to the water?  Here is a video of the leopard sharks swimming around the bottom. There were more than this but these are the ones I was able to catch.

The above video was shot using my Go Pro Camera. I was holding it in my hand but I think next time I want to duct tape my Go Pro Camera to my paddle to get some more interesting views.

It’s amazing what you can see when you’re stand up paddling above the water like this. When you are surfing, you are sitting on your board with your legs in the water and you can’t see a thing. What’s better? At this point I’m not sure. We’ve been surfing for a long time and have never seen sharks in Manhattan Beach like this. Is it global warming? Different migration patterns? We aren’t sure, but we’d like to learn more and find out.

What do you think? Are there sharks in your home break? Does SUPing provide a different perspective for you? Post in the comments and let us know!

Cool SUP Gear Site: GO SUP GEAR

We recently got an email from the folks at GO SUP GEAR.COM and decided to post a little writeup about their site.

From John Wrenn at GO SUP GEAR:

GoSupGearThe story behind GOSUPGEAR is a garage full of SUP gear and friends asking over and over where do I find a good used board to get started paddling?

The app is all about finding SUP gear nearby at your local shop or connecting local paddlers down the street. Shipping would be up to the buyer and seller or shop to figure out. I found a great shipper if you want that info want their info?

The details about the SUP classifieds and the improvements we have detailed below. We hope your as stoked as we are about paddle gear listing platform. Its Free to list SUP gear. Give it a try.

Reach paddlers on the beach and on the go. GOSUPGEAR SUP classifieds  is a mobile, social, e-commerce solution for SUP enthusiasts, manufacturers and SUP  shops.

Its very easy to use. Just List, Share, Buy  &  Sell.

1. NEARBY NOTIFICATION: New feature that notifies you when a shop lists gear that meets your recent search.

2. EMAIL: Our improved in-app communication allows private email so you can ask questions about the gear you’re looking to buy or sell.

3. SOCIAL SHARE:  A new feature ( Facebook integration) allows you to let share with friends you are selling gear.

4. ANY DEVICE:  Now you can create listings and view SUP gear on a desktop or tablet or any smartphone.

5. MOBILE WALLET: And last but most definitely not least, we’ve added the ability to purchase gear using GOSUPGEAR integrated payment gateway.

“We’re focused on making an easy-to-use liquid marketplace that creates an incredible experience for paddlers—no matter where they are. A liquid online mobile platform that makes managing your SUP gear easy for everyone,” said Mel Gray, GOSUPGEAR’s Director of Discovery. “GOSUPGEAR makes local SUP shops accessible to customers down the block and across the world.”

Sellers no longer need to waste money on expensive mobile development or complex payment gateways. GOSUPGEAR enables anyone to open a ‘store’ with aggregated listings, description, price and up to eight photos per listing. Sellers can post items directly to Facebook for their followers to discover and share. We’ve built a social commerce platform to help you reach customers at home on their PC, tablet or most valuable retail in the world their phone.

Never feel like your stuck with a slow, outdated or heavy board again.

GOSUPGEAR offers one low fee of 2.00% plus 2.99% payment processing fee per item sold and there is no charge to list items.

GOSUPGEAR is making sophisticated, big-business tools simple and easy to use for anyone whether your in your car or standing on a beach.

Visit GOSUPGEAR.COM or search SUP in the App Store to start finding, buying or selling SUP gear today.

More information is available at GOSUPGEAR.COM

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