Best Waterproof Shockproof Digital Camera

Last summer we went to Fiji for a little surf, sun, and honeymooning and put in some serious time researching and figuring out the best waterproof shockproof digital camera we were going to get to take with us on our trip halfway across the world. Our budget was between $200-300 and we hoped to find a sweet digital camera that was waterproof, shockproof, freeze proof, and took great pictures underwater and on land (who needs two cameras, right?) Plus we spend most of our free time in the water anyway so why not have a digital camera that’s waterproof.

After a lot of searching we narrowed it down to the below six options. We ended up going with the Panasonic Lumix, but still think the other waterproof shockproof digital cameras in this list are serious contenders. Remember, you get what you pay for so spend wisely and DO YOUR HOMEWORK. We hope the below reviews can help you sort through the chaos and narrow your choices down to only the best waterproof shockproof digital camera contenders.

CameraCamera NameRatingCostNotes
Olympus TG-620 Tough iHS Waterproof Digital Camera (Blue) with Case and Float Strap ★ ★ ★ ★ $149.99Bestseller in Underwater Photography on Amazon.
Panasonic Lumix TS4 12.1 TOUGH Waterproof Digital Camera with 4.6x Optical Zoom (Orange) ★ ★ ★ $294Voted best rugged, waterproof camera of 2012 by Gizmodo.
Nikon COOLPIX AW100 16 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS and Full HD 1080p Video (Camouflage) Nikon COOLPIX AW100 16 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS and Full HD 1080p Video (Camouflage)Nikon COOLPIX AW100 16 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS and Full HD 1080p Video (Camouflage) ★ ★ ★ ★ $279.99Works well in low lighting situations.
Fujifilm FinePix XP60 16 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (Yellow) ★ ★ ★ ★ $177Great value for price point.
Canon PowerShot D20 12.1 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera with 5x Image Stabilized Zoom 28mm Wide-Angle Lens a 3.0-Inch LCD and GPS Tracking (Blue) ★ ★ ★ ★ $295Full HD video capabilities, optical image stabilization.
Kodak Easyshare Sport Waterproof Camera ★ ★ ★$94.25Decent camera for the price, but there are better options if you're willing to spend a little more.

If you see a camera that is waterproof and shockproof that you think rocks and is not on our list, let us know and we’ll get right on it. These digital waterproof cameras are great whether you are stand up paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, or scuba diving. Plus they are a ton of fun and the pictures they take are of high quality and look great. We love taking pictures here at SUP Surf Blog and look for a gallery of photos we’ve taken out on the water coming soon!

Outdoor Retailer Show 2013

Check out whatsSUP with our favorite brands at Outdoor Retailer 2013

This week the Outdoor Retailer Show is happening in Utah. We’re not at the event, but we’ve been following what our favorite SUP brands are up to. Check out some of the posts from SUP brands such as Focus SUP, BIC Sup, and Riviera Paddlesurf and what they’re up to at the Outdoor Retailer Conference and the SUP Demo Days!

BIC SUP is currently at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and has a lot of boards and gear to show off. They are posting the photos on their Facebook and Twitter all week long so visit their page and join in on the fun. Here are some pictures that Bic Surf posted from Outdoor Retailer:


1004904_553679651334774_1125162946_n BIC Sup Boards

Focus SUP teamed up with Body Glove to do some demo day action. Here’s a pic they posted of the event:

Focus SUP and Body Glove at Outdoor Retailer

The Focus SUP carbon paddle boards look so sweet. We need to get our hands on one of those. One of our editors has the Focus SUP Surf Diva board and she loves it!

Riviera Paddlesurf also made a splash at the demo days.  Check out their tented action:

Riviera Paddlesurf Outdoor Retailer


That looks like so much fun. We wish we could have been out there. Enjoy the glide. We like that phrase!

And Stand Up Paddle Magazine has a SUP tank at the Outdoor Retailer show. Check them out doing some SUP paddleboard yoga action in the sup tank:

Stand Up Paddle Magazine Sup Tank

Stand Up Paddle magazine has a full lineup of brands and fun stuff going on in their SUP tank all week. Dang, did we mention how we wished we were in Utah at Outdoor Retailer for this event? Because we do!

If any of you SUP stand up paddle board peeps and friends of SUP Surf blog are at Outdoor Retailer and want to send us pics and your thoughts on the event, please do. We would love that!



Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP 45% Off

Deal of The Day on Amazon Gold Box

Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP

This board comes with a pump and an adjustable paddle. All for under $600. Sweet.

We were browsing our Twitter feed today and noticed that the Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP 45% Off on Amazon Today. Like, whoa. The board is 9’10″ and its list price is $1,075.00. It is currently on sale for 45% off the list price which comes out to $594.15. Plus it’s eligible for Amazon Prime which means you could pump that board up and be up and paddling in less than 48 hours. Don’t you love technology? Here’s a link to check out the board:

Tower Adventurer 9’10″ Inflatable SUP (6″ Thick) with Pump and 3-PC Adjustable Paddle

It’s got an average review of 4.5 stars on Amazon which is a good sign. It’s extra thick (6 inches) which people seem to like.

We haven’t tried this board so we can’t give you our personal thumbs up, but we can give it two thumbs up on price. While researching this post we searched the web for reviews of the Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP and we found this video review featuring a woman named Linda from Encinitas, CA. In the video Linda mentions that she likes the board because it is portable and she drives a sedan. However, she did admit that it’s not as stable as the rigid boards but it is a good option if you want an inflatable. We think this is the general sentiment around inflatable paddle board SUPs in general.

The board rolls up to about one foot in diameter when its deflated so it’s a lot easier to transport if you have a smaller car or plan to take your SUP with you on a trip. And if you do decide to travel with your Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP, can you think about taking us with you? HA!

We know stand up paddle boards are expensive and can be a big investment, so we’re all about finding deals and letting you know about them as soon as we do. If you are looking for an inflatable SUP, we hope you find this deal of the day from Amazon on the Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP to be helpful! 

Safety Reminder & Advisory for Stand-up Paddle Boards from LASD Marina del Rey

Editor’s Note: The following is a repost from We often SUP in Marina Del Rey and want to spread this important safety message.

With the summer months upon us, the use of Stand-up Paddleboards (SUP) in Marina del Rey has increased significantly. Over the Fourth of July weekend, Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol deputies issued numerous warnings regarding the safety equipment requirements for SUPs.

SUPs that are being used for coastal and harbor cruising are classified as vessels by the United States Coast Guard. As vessels, SUPs are subject to vessel safety equipment requirements when being used outside of the surf zone. These regulations do not apply to SUPs being used for surfing only.

A life jacket or personal floatation device (PFD) is required while using SUPs. The use of a leash attached to the board and operator does not fulfill this requirement. The PFD does not have to be worn by the operator, unless the operator is 12 years of age or younger. Those not required to wear a PFD shall have it onboard the SUP, and readily available to the operator. There is a PFD designed specifically for use by SUP operators known as a “Special Use Device” – Type 5. The Type 5 PFD comes in a fanny pack configuration, and can be activated by manual inflation or by using the attached CO2 cartridge. The special use PFDs are available at most surf shops that carry SUPs, as well as most marine supply stores.

SUP operators are also required to have a sound signaling device, such as a whistle, for making an efficient sound signal. If an SUP is being operated at night, between sunset and sunrise, lighting and visual distress devices must also be carried.

So remember, an SUP operated outside of 200 yards from shore, or anywhere outside of designated swim areas of the Marina del Rey Harbor is subject to citation by marine law enforcement, should these safety regulations be violated.

Be safe this summer! If you have any questions, please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol Office at Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station at 310-482-6000.

SUP SURF BLOG Recommends Purchasing A Life Jacket or PFD. Below are some recommendations:

Amazon ImageOnyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Paddle Board Belt Pack Life Jacket

Amazon ImageStearns Suspenders Manually Inflatable Belt-Pack Life Jacket, Blue

Amazon ImageO’Neill Superlite USCG Vest (Blk/Met/Blk, Large)

Amazon ImageX20 Universal Adult Life Jacket Vest – Blue & Black

Amazon ImageKent Adult Compliance PFD Type II Life Jacket (Large/3 X-Large, Orange)



The SUP Cup: August 16-17th 2013 in Bastrop, Texas

Editor’s Note: We received the following information on The SUP cup today in our inbox and wanted to spread the word to all of you. It seems like a cool event, and we love hearing stories about people doing what they love and pursuing their passions.

The SUP Cup Texas

Former Banker on a Mission to Make Bastrop ‘the Fastest Growing SUP Destination in Texas’ Harle quits job, starts river company and organizes aggressive first-year event to put ‘historically hip’ town on the paddle board map BASTROP, Texas 

Lee Harle was tired of just talking about his hopes and dreams, so he decided to do something about it. He quit his full-time job in the banking industry and jumped into his new professional adventure with both feet…literally. In 2012, Harle traded in his suit and tie for some board shorts and flip flops, launching the Bastrop River Company in an up-and-coming community on the east side of Austin, Tx. It’s a story that is becoming more and more common: professional leaves the daily 9-to-5 grind and chases their life-long dream. But no matter how many times the story is told, it never loses its romanticism. It’s a story of hope and optimism, especially for those people who feel “stuck” in the “real world.” Harle’s story is no different, but it also has an element of inspiration, because he’s on a mission to make his new home in Bastrop “the fastest growing SUP destination in Texas.”

“Bastrop has an unappreciated gem in the Colorado River,” Harle said. “I want people to celebrate the river and all its potential adventures.” While Harle’s river company rents tubes and kayaks, he has become a huge advocate for stand up paddle boarding. “There is nothing like experiencing the Colorado River on the deck of a SUP board,” Harle explained. “Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world, and we want to help introduce people to it and make Bastrop the best place to SUP in Texas.” To help Harle’s vision for paddle boarding in Bastrop, he is organizing The SUP Cup, a 2-day event that puts the sport in the spotlight. The event, which is scheduled for Aug. 16-17, has turned into more than a SUP event, though. “We have created a festival-like event – with vendors, kid-friendly activities and a concert,” Harle said. “We want to familiarize people with SUP, but our main goal remains celebrating the river.” The SUP Cup will be highlighted by three paddle boarding events – a sprint race, a 6-mile down river race and an obstacle challenge. There are divisions for hard-core paddlers and “weekend warriors,” alike. There is prize money for the overall champion of The SUP Cup. “You don’t have to be the fastest paddler in the world to compete,” Harle said. “We will have some world-class paddlers in the competitive division, but first-time paddlers can compete in the recreational division. It’s all about getting in the river and having fun.

2013 SUP Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Paddlers

2013 SUP Awards

2013 SUP Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Paddlers

The 2013 SUP Awards are happening this year on Thursday September 26th at Casino San Clemente in Southern California. SUP The Mag has just opened voting for the top stand up paddlers of 2013. Vote for your Top 3 Male Paddlers, Top 3 Female Paddlers, Movie of the Year, Top Philanthropic Effort and Top Expedition now on SUP The Mag’s website. The links can be found below.

Top 3 Female Paddlers - Yes, we put females first because that’s how we roll. Diva power! Here is a list of the top female stand up paddle boarder nominees:

  • Jenny Lee
  • Talia Gangini Decoite
  • Halle Harrison
  • Jenn J. Lee
  • Hayley Mills
  • Izzi Gomez
  • Candice Appleby
  • Angie Jackson
  • Bailey Rosen
  • Nicole Pacelli
  • Suzie Cooney
  • Nikki Gregg
  • Morgan Hoesterey
  • Maro Strickland
  • Karen Wrenn
  • Jenny Kaimbach
  • Gillian Gibree
  • Emmy Merrill
  • Annabel Anderson
  • Andrea Moller

Top 3 Male Paddlers - Here are the nominees:

  •  Dave Kalama
  • Casper Steinfath
  • Mo Freitas
  • Chuck Glynn
  • Noah Yap
  • Zane Schweitzer
  • Travis Grant
  • Shane Perrin
  • Sean Poynter
  • Rob Rojas
  • Michael Tavares
  • Matt Becker
  • Leco Salazar
  • Kody Kerbox
  • Keahi De Aboitiz
  • Kai Lenny
  • Justin Holland
  • Jamie Mitchell
  • Fernando Stalla
  • Dave Boehne
  • Danny Ching
  • Dan Gavere
  • Connor Baxter
  • Colin McPhillips
  • Chuck Patterson
  • Chase Kosterlitz
  • Brennan Rose

Top Expedition – We don’t know what any of these are so we’re not voting on this, but if you do – kudos to you!

  • XF500
  • Down The Missouri
  • Wild West Coast of South Africa
  • Everglades Challenge(S)
  • 11 Cities Tour Nonstop Record

Movie of the Year - This link is filled with video embeds. Pretty awesome!

  • Stand
  • iAfrica
  • 5UP P1RATE5
  • Driftwood

So go on and head over to the SUP The Mag website and get your vote on. The website doesn’t say when voting closes, but we recommend getting your votes in sooner rather than later.

Are you planning on going to the 2013 SUP Awards? If so, post in the comments and let us know!


Olympus Tough TG620 Waterproof Digital Camera

Daily Deal: Olympus Tough TG620 Waterproof and Shockproof Digital Camera

You know what’s awesome about being out on the water these days? The ability to capture it all on camera. The technology is insane these days from little video cameras like GoPro to the Sony Action Cam and countless digital waterproof cameras. It’s a great time to be a surfer and a stand up paddler these days.

$129.99 for an Olympus Tough TG620 Digital Camera ($249.99 List Price). Multiple Colors. Free Shipping and Returns.


I found this deal today on Groupon for the TG620 Waterproof Digital camera. It is normally $249 but it’s on sale for $129.99 via Groupon Goods. Not too bad. I don’t have this specific camera, but it seems like a great deal that we should be letting fellow water sports folks like us know more about. Oh yeah, it’s shockproof too. Boing!

We all have different types of cameras we use and one of our editors has this version of the Olympus that she really loves, so if you are looking for something a notch above try that one out

If you end up getting in on this deal for the Olympus Tough Tg620 Digital Camera from Groupon Goods, let us know how you like it. And be sure to tell us which color you like. I personally am digging the pink one. Aww shucks.

Or if you want to get us one of these sweet digital waterproof cameras for our birthday, we wouldn’t be opposed. Our birthdays aren’t for another 6 months or so, but we happily accept presents any time of the year.

Okay, hope you’ve enjoyed our rant. We scour the web for good stuff just like this and we hope you enjoy.

Peace, Love, and Good Waves.
-The Folks at SUP SURF BLOG
What about you? Do you own a waterproof camera?
Do you like it? Which one do you have? Post in the comments and let us know!

Things You Should Know About Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Here’s the scoop on inflatable paddle boards. Paddle boarding is a ton of fun, but the one draw back is lugging a big ole’ board to and from the river, ocean, or lake, and then back to your car. The paddle boards that can be easily carried are inflatable paddle boards. They are collapsable and can fold down to a small size that can fit in your backpack. These boards generally come along with specifically designed hand pumps. The core material used in the production of these boards is drop stitch. The specific thickness of these boards is maintained by thousands of locked stitches that are made of nylon. When you use the hand pumps that are designed for this purpose your board can inflate up to or above 30 Psi.

Bic Inflatable Paddleboard

A new Bic Inflatable Paddleboard.

People might choose an inflatable Stand Up Paddle board over a normal paddle board because of its excellent qualities like portability and durability. The main advantage of these kind of boards is that they can be easily packed away for travel. When inflated, they are just as strong as normal boards. Since normal boards are heavier and less flexible it is difficult to carry them around while you are traveling making inflatable boards a great option.

By choosing an inflatable stand-up paddle board you never compromise on their performance as they are equally good as normal boards. The costs of these inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards vary depending on their quality and comfort. There are a variety of such boards available and you can choose one depending on your budget and preferences. However most commonly these boards are available at prices that ranges anything between $600 to $1500.

You should be able to get an inflatable board within this price range. There is also a higher price range of these boards such as ranging between $1500 to $2000. These boards will have extra features and quality with a good comfort level. 

The inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards are available in different types and sizes and why the prices also vary. There are boards that are UV protected and hence are more durable. There are boards that allow both the options of sitting down (kayak style) or stand up paddle. If you are looking for a rigid performance similar to a hard board then you should be choosing the needle nose boards. Choosing the best one according to your tastes and preferences would increase the quality of ride you will be having.

Here are some recommended inflatable paddle boards:

Amazon Image Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10″ SUP Package

Tower Paddleboards are some of the best known inflatable paddleboards and SUP packages on the market. They’re also consistently some of the best selling boards on Amazon. To top it off, they were on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban is an investor in the company. AWESOME!

Amazon ImageBadfisher Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard 

This board is one of the finest of its quality. It is manufactured with the rubber that is UV resistant and with the technology of MCIT. It also comes along with the bag in which you can compactly pack the board as well as the pump.



Amazon ImageAdvanced Elements Hula 11 Inflatable Paddle Board
This board by Advanced Elements is also rated one of the best. With its attractive price range, it is the best for multi tasking. You could use this board for surfing, stand up paddle boarding, or kayaking. It is apt for all the sports that requires a stiff performance. It comes along with its accessories such as pump, valve adaptor, storage bag and other important things.



Amazon ImageBIC Sport Stand Up Air Inflatable Paddleboard, 10-Feet 6-Inch
Bic has also come out with an inflatable stand up paddleboard. Their boards are known for durability and this is one option that shouldn’t be ignored.



Have you ever thought about getting an inflatable stand up paddle board? Why or why not? Post in the comments and let us know.

Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board

What To Look For When Buying A Stand Up Paddleboard

What To Look For When Buying A Stand Up Paddleboard

Are you planning to buy a stand up paddle board (SUP)? We have put together some tips for you on what to look for when buying a stand up paddleboard. This will help you in choosing the most appropriate SUP boards for your needs. It is important for you to know the varieties of SUP boards available in the market place. They are:

  • All-Around: This type of board is great for those who want to paddle in flatwater half the time and surf the other half of the time. The most suitable board for starters. 
  • Surfing: This board is typically wider and shorter than the standard paddle board and stable enough to withstand strong waves when you are paddle surfing. Most people who buy a surfing type paddle board have previous surfing experience.
  • Touring / Racing: Boards that are longer (typically longer than 12’6”) with a sharp nose and made for long distance racing across both flat water and in the ocean. 

Aspects To Consider When Choosing The Right SUP Board For You

  • Stability and width of the boards. The width of the board is really important as far as balance is concerned. Most of them measure around 36 inches. This is suitable for people of all different heights and weights and is much easier to keep your balance as a broader base is much more comfortable compared to a reduced width. However, you may quickly find that you want to move down to a narrower board after gaining adequate skills from the wider ones so make sure you take that into consideration when purchasing your first board. 
  • Length of the board. It must fit your size in order to displace the amount of water equivalent to your weight.The length of your boards can determine the speed at which they can move at a given duration. For instance, the longer the boards, the higher the speed and vice versa. This is why most people purchase the longer boards for racing purposes.
  • Materials. SUP boards are made of various materials such as fiberglass and epoxy. Plastic made boards are bought by many people because they are durable, long lasting, and can withstand dings. They also tend to be cheaper and more affordable. On the other hand, those made of fiberglass are expensive but used in many paddling activities
  • Board Portability.  This is a CRUCIAL aspect to consider before buying a SUP. As mentioned earlier, these boards can be very huge and heavy. Therefore, you should consider a board with a weight you will be comfortable with in all your paddling outings. You may enjoy that extra foot of board on the way, but it could be a pain in the *** to get on and off your car and down to the beach. You could get board carrying devices like a SUP Slingor a Wheelie, but make sure the board is something that doesn’t break your back carrying to and from the beach.
  • Price. Have an idea of how much you want to spend. Paddleboards are pricey and we recommend you do plenty of research first to make sure you get the best deals. This is where we hope to be of use and will post more on this topic in the future. But for now be prepared for a SUP board to start at around $800 for a NEW board and a little less than that for a used one.  Besides the board price, you should also be prepared to invest in a good Stand Up Paddle, boardbag, leash, and Tie Down Straps for your car.

The places you plan to paddle – lakes, rivers or ocean- will help determine the features of boards most appropriate for you.

Check out this video on how to choose a standup paddleboard for more information:

We hope you found this article helpful to you on what to look for when buying a standup paddleboard. We wish you the best of luck as you search for the right and most suitable stand up paddle boards for your specific need.

If you have any questions for us, post in the comments and let us know how we can help you!

Review: Athleta Breeze Short

A Review on the Women’s Athleta Breeze Short.

Athleta Breeze Short

Summer has arrived and that means sun, warm water, and shedding our winter wetsuits  - yay! There’s nothing I love more than paddling without a wetsuit on. You feel so free!

When I first got my SUP stand up paddleboard I realized I wasn’t IN the water as much (more like ‘on the water’) so I didn’t need a wetsuit. Instead I wore boardshorts and a rashguard. Well, boardshorts for surfing are different than boardshorts for SUP stand up paddleboarding. When I wear boardshorts for surfing, I want them to be longer so they protect my thighs from chafage after sitting on the board for too long. Yeah, it’s not cute or feminine but it’s way better than a huge red rash in between your legs! But I quickly realized that boardshorts for stand up paddleboarding are totally different. They can be cute and short because you aren’t sitting with a board between your legs – you’re standing on it. I immediately began my quest to find some cute boardshorts to wear for SUPping. My friend and fellow supper, Xtine, had these Athleta Breeze shorts and I wanted to give them a try. She bought them in every color so I figured they had to be good. I bought a pair online and gave them a whirl. They are really comfortable and good for bending and being active. They are made with a featherweight stretch material and also have quick and fast drying capabilities. I think they would be a great pair of shorts for any type of water use – swimming, boating, SUP. and surf (if you like a shorter short).

The one thing I didn’t like about these shorts is the metal clasp. It doesn’t lay flat with the drawstring tie waist so it ends up creating a small bulge at the waistline. But it doesn’t bother me enough to do anything about it – but I did want to point it out for the sake of this review.

Athleta makes several different types of boardshorts for women and so far I have found the Breeze Short to be my favorite. It comes in several different colors too so you can always look stylish. They come in black, tan, turquoise (pictured above), earth green, red, and purple.

I’m glad I discovered these shorts just in time for summer so I can ditch my longer shorts when I go SUP paddling and put on a pair of short shorts and go stand up paddleboarding.

For more information on the Athleta Breeze Short, visit Athleta’s website by clicking here.

Do you have a pair of boardshorts that you LOVE to paddleboard or surf in? Post in the comments and let us know!