SUP Books

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SUP Books & Stand Up Paddle Boarding Books

Are you looking to take your SUP paddling and / or surf skills to the next level? The editors at SUP Surf blog have put together this reading list for you and recommend the following SUP books on stand up paddle boarding to help take your SUP paddle board skills to the next level! All of the SUP books listed below are available for purchase directly via Amazon. Click on the link to purchase directly through Amazon.




The above books are meant to be used as resources to further enhance and improve your SUP paddle boarding technique and methods. There are also plenty of DVDs available on How to Sup and How to Improve your SUP and stand up paddle boarding skills. Youtube is also a great resource if you’re looking to find more information on all things related to SUP and stand up paddling.

What about you? Have you read any of the above SUP books? Are there any SUP books you would recommend for people looking to improve their skills? Post in the comments and let me know! 

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