A SUP Adventure at the Newport Aquatic Center

Newport Aquatic Center SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Stand Up PaddleBoarding in Newport Beach, CA

My parents and I headed out to Newport Aquatic center around 9am to rent some SUPs for the morning. The Back Bay was brimming with eager renters, most trying to SUP for the first time like my parents. I had just recently started my love affair with the whole SUP culture over summer vacation in Lake Tahoe. Hands down, the most beautiful experience with it’s glass-like crystal blue waters. Every inch of the lake’s shore is more beautiful than the last, especially in places like Crystal Bay…but back to Newport.

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals Newport Beach

It was a gray morning that broke way into a beautifully crisp blue sky once the marine layer retreated. We rented boards, gave my parents a 2 minute tutorial on what I had learned and were off! We paddled into the sprawling waters of the back bay, passing all types of birds, paddling over jumping fish and streaking through the paintings of the artists along the shore.

BIC Sport Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Half of the experience is just enjoying the scenery and the other half is being efficient with the paddle. I love to SUP because of the way it makes both my mind and body feel afterwards. It’s the ultimate clarity when its just you and nature at it’s finest. I took a few moments in-between to just sit, breathe and be thankful for the beauty and blessings that surround me.

Newport Aquatic Center

After about an hour and only one fall on my dads behalf (he hit a mud bank), the wind started to kick up, so we called it a day. Overall a great experience in the back bay and a huge thumbs up from my parents. Who says that you can’t have fun over 60??? Mechanically, its a great way to strengthen and use muscles that you might neglect otherwise. They had a blast and we will definitely return and bring the rest of the family with us, dogs and all. We are truly lucky to live in an area with the Newport Back Bay as our playground!

Newport Aquatic Center Back Bay

Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP 45% Off

Deal of The Day on Amazon Gold Box

Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP

This board comes with a pump and an adjustable paddle. All for under $600. Sweet.

We were browsing our Twitter feed today and noticed that the Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP 45% Off on Amazon Today. Like, whoa. The board is 9’10″ and its list price is $1,075.00. It is currently on sale for 45% off the list price which comes out to $594.15. Plus it’s eligible for Amazon Prime which means you could pump that board up and be up and paddling in less than 48 hours. Don’t you love technology? Here’s a link to check out the board:

Tower Adventurer 9’10″ Inflatable SUP (6″ Thick) with Pump and 3-PC Adjustable Paddle

It’s got an average review of 4.5 stars on Amazon which is a good sign. It’s extra thick (6 inches) which people seem to like.

We haven’t tried this board so we can’t give you our personal thumbs up, but we can give it two thumbs up on price. While researching this post we searched the web for reviews of the Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP and we found this video review featuring a woman named Linda from Encinitas, CA. In the video Linda mentions that she likes the board because it is portable and she drives a sedan. However, she did admit that it’s not as stable as the rigid boards but it is a good option if you want an inflatable. We think this is the general sentiment around inflatable paddle board SUPs in general.

The board rolls up to about one foot in diameter when its deflated so it’s a lot easier to transport if you have a smaller car or plan to take your SUP with you on a trip. And if you do decide to travel with your Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP, can you think about taking us with you? HA!

We know stand up paddle boards are expensive and can be a big investment, so we’re all about finding deals and letting you know about them as soon as we do. If you are looking for an inflatable SUP, we hope you find this deal of the day from Amazon on the Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP to be helpful!